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Zoom'n'Groom is a mobile dog grooming service providing at home professional grooming including the following-


 -CLIPPING-    Winter and summer lengths available. Messy or matted dogs can all be clipped and brought back to a managable length. Let me know what your after and I'll do my best to make it happen.            

 -WASHING-   Our  hydrobath has variable water pressure catering for all dogs from long to short coats. Warm fresh water is used heated by instant gas system. All dogs will be flea free after cleaning session*.couldn't find a hydrobath to suit our needs so we built our own. Multi-pressure      


-DRYING-   Dogs need big drying power and our state of the art dryer can handle every breed meaning your dog returns BONE dry ready to come  inside and get back on the couch.he laste- 

 -NAIL TRIM-  Included for free with every groom.


                                   -ALL DOG GROOMING AVAILABLE- Just ring and we're happy to discuss any grooming needs you might have.  





We come to your home with everything We need to groom your dog in my fitted out grooming trailer.Your pet feels more at ease not leaving home and you aren't driving around picking up and dropping them off. The finished dog looks just as great if not better than as if they went to the salon. 


*further flea treatments are reccomended to ensure future results. 

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